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We do not check your credit with the major bureaus, however we do utilize TeleCheck, TeleTrack, and Scan.

How we do it

From scratch is our forte. Anyone can rehab an existing. It’s the copy writing, the digesting and translating Engineering’s knowledge, transforming it into something that your customer will want to specify once we have told him your story. Features and benefits!
And we like to work directly with your engineers: fact gathering, selecting samples for photography, preparing dimensional drawings for reproduction, and managing the printing. So, if you so elect, all you have to do is approve the final result.


Almost-free advertising. Trade publications look for honest new products to present to their readers. We know how to present your products in an appealing and technical way, in interesting black & white and color.
Perhaps the product may warrant a press conference and/or feature article action. We can conduct conferences and ghost write product articles for you.

Yes, we do ads. We produce ads from quarter page black & white to full color covers.

This is really mass distribution cataloging and should not be confused with space advertising. Directories are used to get to those who have the need and are looking for a solution whereas space advertising is used to create an awareness or a need.

Rifle shots to known prospects. . . maybe even your own customer list. We create pieces and produce programs. Excellent way to address niche markets, strengthen awareness, co-op with your distributors.

More than hats and whistles. We devise integrated programs so your product and company identity are enhanced.

We counsel about booth design, graphics, scheduling, selling in the booth, why go in the first place. We produce stunning but economical portable graphics.

Sight and sound showing and explaining your product or idea, packaged in slides or video so many can see the show many times. We create and write these from scratch, doing most of the work for you. Then, professional production.

We do practical research, not the megabucks kind. It’s affordable and just accurate enough to allow you to make some money earning decisions.

Ideas, programs. We counsel from V.P. of Marketing and Sales experience gain in the Electronic OEM. Pick our stuff.

Event marketing

Event marketing is an exciting and highly effective method of getting
prospective customers to interact personally with your brand . It provides
unique, qualitative, one-on-one brand experiences. And it brings your
product or service directly to where your customers live, work and play.


Marketing Services can create mobile marketing, mall marketing,
on-campus marketing and event sponsorship programs that are successful
on their own or more effective when combined with our other marketing capabilities. And because we own the mobile units and displays, we can
often deploy your program in a matter of weeks.

So, if it’s at malls, office parks, colleges or sporting events, our event
marketing approach allows customers to experience your products in a
personal yet dynamic fashion that can’t be done any other way.

Marketing Services can promote your brand via promotion, direct marketing or any of our other marketing services. But we can also do it with branded products.

We can provide you with anything from unique imprinted promotional
items to elaborate online company stores–complete with warehouse
branded merchandise and real-time inventory processing.

We create and manage integrated, low-to high-level-branded merchandise programs and promotions that build brand awareness, recognition and loyalty. How? By unlocking the equity that your brand already holds.

Our diverse knowledge of branded products and other marketing disciplines means we can design end-to-end programs that keep your brand in front of valued customers and employees–and always top-of-mind.

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At Marketing Services, we define “promotion” as product, sales or
brand promotion. Each has different objectives requiring tactics that often incorporate all of our marketing capabilities.

We have perfected those tactics by developing everything from national
product launches to international sweepstakes to sales incentive programs for consumers and sales associates. And as the largest provider of premiums in
the United States, we can source premiums for you as well.


Let us show you what we can do. Whether you’re promoting products,
altering your consumers’ purchasing behavior or just creating hype about
your brand, we can make it happen.

At Marketing Services, our approach to interactive solutions
is total. It includes strategy, creative design, programming, hosting,
database management, e-mail marketing and Web site trending,
reporting and maintenance.

Our solutions also have the unique capacity to let customers participate
in your program via the Internet and other automated channels such as telephone and wireless. This multi-channel tactic provides customers with
varied response methods and increases program results.

And ultimately, results are what it’s all about. When structuring an integrated marketing solution for you, we draw on our interactive expertise to meet or exceed your objectives and make your program a success.



Strategy is the genesis of your marketing program; it’s where it all begins.
At Marketing Services, strategic planning is an integral part of your overall program or it can be provided separately as a specific service.

To develop your strategic plan, we use a program creation methodology
that includes five phases: Immersion, Development, Execution, Analysis
and Learning . This “IDEAL” methodology helps us establish a comprehensive knowledge platform of your business that makes us an invaluable partner for assessing your marketing objectives, developing a strategic plan and then executing it.

Whether you need strategic planning for product, customer, channel or
account-specific marketing programs, our approach will produce a unique,
solid and defendable plan that will meet your specific needs and exceed
your goals.

Conveying your message, eliciting a response and getting results–that’s
what you want from direct marketing. And with over 20 years of experience, Marketing Services can get it. But we bring more to the table than just experience.

We bring a comprehensive, vertically integrated set of marketing capabilities
that include strategic planning, creative design, database management, list brokerage and more. We can even handle your printing needs in our own printing facilities.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also provide you with valuable data. By
utilizing proven tracking mechanisms and metrics, we follow your program’s progress and give you tangible data to execute against in real-time or in
future programs.

What does all of that mean for you? It means we have greater quality
control, faster speed-to-market and ultimate accountability for the success
of your program.

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For dance

For Dance not-for-profit established in New York City in 2003. For Dance Inc. is dedicated to the creation, promotion, preservation, and presentation of original theatrical (dance) works by ground-floor , emerging and established dance artists encompassing all disciplines of dance.

For Dance, Inc. further strives to build cultural exchanges and partnerships between New York City based dance artists and dance companies and national and international dance artists, dance companies, and dance festivals.


These activities further our exempt charitable purpose by promoting and presenting original artistic experiences to the public. Performances are presented for a wide variety and diversity of audiences in diverse venues. These performances expose audiences to new dance forms and new dance artists from a broad spectrum of dance arts from different ethnic groups and geographic locations. Through For Dance, Inc.’s reduced price and free tickets program, performances introduce underserved and disadvantaged populations to the art of dance and encourage public participation in the arts.

A concerted effort is made to identify dance artists and dance companies who have established themselves in depressed areas of the community and who might otherwise not be able to perform in more established dance venues. These performances also serve to stimulate local culture and interest in the arts by providing a platform for the development of local dance artists and dance companies. These performances also serve to increase tourism by presenting not only local artists, but national and international artists as well. While our main focus is on the emerging dance artist, performances may also include work of mid-career and established dance artists. We also work to create new and interesting ways to present dance performances in non-traditional settings.