Event marketing

Event marketing is an exciting and highly effective method of getting
prospective customers to interact personally with your brand . It provides
unique, qualitative, one-on-one brand experiences. And it brings your
product or service directly to where your customers live, work and play.


Marketing Services can create mobile marketing, mall marketing,
on-campus marketing and event sponsorship programs that are successful
on their own or more effective when combined with our other marketing capabilities. And because we own the mobile units and displays, we can
often deploy your program in a matter of weeks.

So, if it’s at malls, office parks, colleges or sporting events, our event
marketing approach allows customers to experience your products in a
personal yet dynamic fashion that can’t be done any other way.

Marketing Services can promote your brand via promotion, direct marketing or any of our other marketing services. But we can also do it with branded products.

We can provide you with anything from unique imprinted promotional
items to elaborate online company stores–complete with warehouse
branded merchandise and real-time inventory processing.

We create and manage integrated, low-to high-level-branded merchandise programs and promotions that build brand awareness, recognition and loyalty. How? By unlocking the equity that your brand already holds.

Our diverse knowledge of branded products and other marketing disciplines means we can design end-to-end programs that keep your brand in front of valued customers and employees–and always top-of-mind.

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