At Marketing Services, we define “promotion” as product, sales or
brand promotion. Each has different objectives requiring tactics that often incorporate all of our marketing capabilities.

We have perfected those tactics by developing everything from national
product launches to international sweepstakes to sales incentive programs for consumers and sales associates. And as the largest provider of premiums in
the United States, we can source premiums for you as well.


Let us show you what we can do. Whether you’re promoting products,
altering your consumers’ purchasing behavior or just creating hype about
your brand, we can make it happen.

At Marketing Services, our approach to interactive solutions
is total. It includes strategy, creative design, programming, hosting,
database management, e-mail marketing and Web site trending,
reporting and maintenance.

Our solutions also have the unique capacity to let customers participate
in your program via the Internet and other automated channels such as telephone and wireless. This multi-channel tactic provides customers with
varied response methods and increases program results.

And ultimately, results are what it’s all about. When structuring an integrated marketing solution for you, we draw on our interactive expertise to meet or exceed your objectives and make your program a success.


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